Ms. Fallat represents associations in all aspects of the collection of delinquent accounts. Services in this regard include:

  • Assisting Association Boards in establishing and maintaining an aggressive collection policy.
  • Closely coordinating activity on delinquent accounts with association management to ensure timely action.
  • Filing liens against units in arrears.
  • Vigorously prosecuting lawsuits for personal money judgments.
  • Executing on judgments by various means, including the levying of bank accounts, wage garnishments and levies on rents.
  • Prosecuting lien foreclosure actions.
  • Representing associations in lender foreclosure actions.
  • Representing associations as creditors in bankruptcy actions.
  • Preparing and submitting a monthly report on all collection activity to be included in board meeting agenda packages.

Ms. Fallat also serves as transition counsel for her community association clients.