In addition to serving as general counsel, Ms. Fallat also serves as transition counsel for her community association clients. Transition services include:

  • Educating new board members as to all phases of association operations.
  • Conducting a comprehensive legal review of the governing documents and making recommendations to the board for appropriate areas of document amendment and/or board resolution.
  • Utilizing a “hands-on” approach to the organization and presentation of the association transition reports.
  • Working closely with all professionals retained by the association, including the manager, engineer, and accountant to ensure that the parties serving the association function as an effective team.
  • Fully exploring and exhausting efforts to obtain favorable settlements through a negotiated process prior to initiating and prosecuting construction defect litigation against developers.
  • Litigating transition claims (i.e. construction defects, breach of warranties, financial claims, etc.) against builders in cases where efforts to negotiate have not been fruitful.